Pakistan’s First-Ever Plastic Road

Published On: 03-Jan-2022

Pakistan has inaugurated its first-ever road made from plastic waste. In one of its kind initiatives in the country, Coca-Cola Pakistan in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority and National Incubation Center, constructed the first recarpeted road using plastic waste. The one-kilometer plastic road constructed near Ataturk Avenue, Islamabad, has helped recycle almost 10 tons of plastic waste.

The project aligns with the World Without Waste initiative and also with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of the future. The Coca-Cola Company in 2018 launched the product packaging policy ‘World Without Waste’ whereby the Company will lead the industry to collect and recycle every bottle or can, it sells by 2030.

Plastic roads are made either entirely of plastic or of composites of plastic with other materials. Plastic roads are different from standard roads in that standard roads are made from asphalt concrete, which consists of mineral aggregates and asphalt.

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