Holidays In Summer: Best Place to Visit in Pakistan

Holidays In Summer: Best Place to Visit in Pakistan
Published On: 01-May-2021

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“I may have stumbled; and stammered at your unexpected push, but the breeze anchored me and I learnt the art of survival”

― Vijaya Gowrisankar


There are countless amazing options for tourists when it comes to places to visit in Pakistan. Mountains, rivers and breezy meadows for the adventurous, culturally enriched sites and fantastic dining for the foodies. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has again headed up to a threatening level, but let’s stick to our belief that with supreme care, we would be able to defeat it. Fingers crossed; let’s believe that the lockdown will be lifted hopefully by June or July; and so, it will be the best time of season to visit a few places in Pakistan. The blazing green fields and forests, windy meadows, rivers waving the glorious shades of bright blue-sky mirrored crystal clear seems as if telling the imagery of a wonderland. Summer brings lots of joy and flamboyant cheers with it. The best things about summers in Pakistan are mangoes, summer break, bright breezy mornings and oh! Certainly, holidays at hill stations. Yes! Long Travels!

So, let us have a quick look at the best summer places we can visit in Pakistan after the lockdown uplifts.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley - Wikipedia

Places like Nathiagali, Shogran, and Hunza are known to most of us. But there’s a cached gem and most soothing valley in Upper Dir district, KPK is known as the Valley of Kumrat; rarely known to tourists. This beautiful valley has a glorious landscape with a streamed river and sky touching pine trees. The summer winds and blazing greenery gives a glance of fantasy Greenland.


Hunza Valley

Aliabad, Hunza - Wikipedia

The valley is a district called ‘District Hunza’. Located in KPK, the valley acquires dazzling meadows and trees laden with orange, white and pink flowers give delightful scenery. This place changes its colors with changing seasons. In aesthetic mountains, one feels retired from mental and physical illness. If one wishes to see the most magnificent and epic sunset, then buckle up and head to Eagle’s Nest around golden hours.


Swat Valley

SWAT VALLEY - Inn Reviews (Bahrain, Pakistan) - Tripadvisor

The valley comprises infinite lush forests, landscape, mesmerizing peaks and wildlife. Swat valley is the most wanted place for adventure in summers like zipping, hiking, camping etc. Swat is well known as “mini-Switzerland of Pakistan”. It has various tourist attractions. Some of them are Mahodand valley and lake, Ushu forest, Kalaam valley and so on. All these provide swat with a scenic beauty and the hospitable people of swat makes it even more attractive.



Payee Meadows

Shogran Siri Paye Meadows - Shugran Jeep Rent Tour Travel Guide

Payee meadows are located 6km away from Shogran. The colorful and astounding flowers in the windy season with white background of Makra Peak gives awe-inspiring scenic views. There’s a luxurious and vivid green meadow on the top of Paya ridge accompanying the fanciful view on Malika Parbat.


Deosai Plains National Park

Deosai National Park - Wikipedia

Deosai National Park is well known for its rich and amusing flora and fauna. It is referred to as the roof of the world as it is a high-altitude alpine plain acquiring the 2nd highest plateau in the world. The weather here is unpredictable but most suitable for summer holidays. One moment, the sunlight is majestic and the clouds overcast the sky summoning thunderstorms and icy winds, in the blink of an eye. During spring, the plains are covered in wildflowers of all hues, tints and shades, attracting butterflies gives a lovely scene. Deosai plains is renowned for its deafening silences, despite its colorful splendor. If one loves solitude, the place welcomes into its heart.

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