Exploring Tourism in Pakistan: Some Beautiful Places to Visit in 2021

Exploring Tourism in Pakistan: Some Beautiful Places to Visit in 2021
Published On: 12-Mar-2021

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Life is nothing without adventure. It reminds me of an English proverb, “Adventures are to the adventurous”. It is hidden in travelling. With the end of 2020, the perilous and gloomy clouds of Covid-19 have also disappeared and, now; it feels like 2021 has brightened up the desperate faces with courage to travel and seek adventure once again. 

Pakistan has suffered a lot in the past 2 decades due to security challenges, which caused a decline in the tourism in Pakistan. The country now, after the relief from Covid-19, welcomes tourists from worldwide to visit and explore the beauty of Pakistan. From the city of Saints, Multan & green zestful Islamabad, to the alluring North valleys, Pakistan holds an exclusive position in tourism. Here are some most recommended places to visit in Pakistan.

A place which holds a cardinal setting among historical places in Pakistan; Takht-i-Bahi, is an archeological site of Buddhist monastery in Mardan, KPK. The place is a combo of monastic Chambers, Stupa Court and Tantric Monastic Complex. The site, found in the 1st Century holds an amazing Buddhist history, however, it was abandoned in the 7th century. The ruins give a unique view from hill top and can be easily visited in a complete day trip.


No historical trip is finished-off without visiting the famous and ancient ruins of Makli Necropolis in Thatta; houses over 500, 000 tombs ranging over 10km near the city. Its history is 400 years old belonging to the Sufi saints, royals and scholars of time. The place is a masterpiece of Mughal dynasty. Its history begins from the Sufi Saint Shaikh Jamali, who established this place for Sufi gatherings and wished to be buried in the same place. Later on, Jam Tamachi, the ruler of Sindh was also buried in Makli, and so on the burial became its tradition. It is architecturally enriched and most of the tombs are hand-crafted.


Built with shiny white marble reflecting the great opus of Mughal Islamic artwork, Minar-e-Pakistan is a tribute to the victorious course of resolution known as Lahore Resolution. The tower has 324 steps to climb on and pleases with panoramic view from its top.


Lahore holds a remarkable value when it comes to historical places. Masjid Wazir Khan is an incredible creation, and a worth-to-mention mosque. The mosque shares a historical, and as well as architectural queue from Begum Shahi due to its colorful and astounding artwork. Shah Jahan commissioned the beautiful place, whereas, the delicate artwork on marble will leave you admiring the beauty of the mosque throughout the visit.


One of the most spectacular and adventurous places, Mohenjo-Daro is quite bewitching as it signifies “the mound of the dead”. It outshines to its fullest and is the largest city of Indus Valley civilization. The ancient city, under UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built around 2500 BCE and remained undocumented for over 3700 years. Expanded over 300 hectares, it represents a high level of social organization according to historians.

Say hello to the most spectacular and ancient (established in 16th century) fortress of Pakistan- Rohtas Fort. This dazzling piece of heritage is located near Jehlum, Punjab. The majestic fortress is spacious enough to wander and teleports you back to the good-old times. It holds the place of the largest Fortress in the Subcontinent. 

Hingol National Park is a perfect place for adventure seekers, hikers, cyclists, bikers and jeep racers. One of the most exotic parks in the country is Hingol National Park located 190km away from Karachi. It is occupied with rugged rocks, mud volcanoes, and wildlife. The sculpture and rock formations give a unique view, named as “Princess of Hope” by Angelina Jolie. 

Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir stretches out from Chella Bandi Bridge – north of Muzaffarabad (AJK’s Capital) to Tau-butt with the length of almost 240 kilometers, esteemed for its lush green forests, freshwater streams, spectacular waterfalls and heavenly highlands. The valley has a charisma of natural beauty which soothes the soul along with eyes.

The province of KPK provides high altitude tourist attractions in the sight of Swat Valley located in the Northwest of KPK. The valley comprises infinite spectacular forests, landscape, mesmerizing peaks and wildlife. Swat valley is the most wanted place for adventure in summers like zipping, hiking, camping etc. Swat Valley attracts tourists outside Pakistan to experience ice-skating, ice-skiing, ice-hockey, curling, snowboarding, speed skating etc. Apart from scenic beauty and yummy-scrummy food, the valley is enriched with exclusive culture, hospitality and heritage. 

Naltar valley, located around 1 hour and 40 minutes’ drive from Gilgit city, is famous for its highland view comprising 3 lakes mainly Blue lake, Strangi Lake and Bodlok Lake. Its magnificent landscapes, snow-capped hills and pine forests make Naltar Valley Heaven on Earth place. 

A little ahead of Rama Village, 11 kilometers far from Astor, is located a charismatic Rama Meadow. It serves as Tourist’s attraction due to its eye-pleasing and peaceful wilderness. It faces the Southern Tail of Nanga Parbat, which furnishes an awe-inspiring view to eyes seeking nature's beauty.

Rakaposhi Base Camp is the most famous and adventurous peak of Hunza Valley. The peak is located in RakaPoshi Haramosh Range. The highland broadens up to 20km from East to West. RakaPoshi is the dream mountain for adventure seekers and climbers. In order to avoid the risks of extreme cold temperature, it is best to visit it during May to October. 

Katpana Desert is a high elevation desert situated close to Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. It is referred to as the world's Cold Desert at a height of 2,226 meters (7,303 feet) above sea level. The most astonishing uniqueness of this desert is that its sand dunes get covered with snow in winters. Its enchanting cold evenings and sandy sight attracts tourists around the globe. 

Deeply enriched in culture and history side by side, Lok Virsa Museum depicts the commendable efforts of artists. The place welcomes visitors with nestled woods of Shakarparian and begins from early Pakistan culture to the glorious Mughal dynasty and the contemporary struggles of the modern nation. The galleries also present the life of average citizens in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and the Kailash Valley.


Badshahi Mosque, one of the majestic landmarks of Lahore depicts the legacy and greatness of the Mughal era. The beautiful piece of religious tradition built in 1673, is now the second largest mosque of Pakistan. The facade features decorative red sandstone carvings and draws influence from Indo-Greek architecture. The 12 dari is the most epic creation and uniqueness of this mosque.


 One who visits Islamabad can never miss a trip to Faisal Mosque. The scenic mosque, completed in 1986, features a modern white facade inspired by the Bedouin desert tents. Pakistan's largest mosque has a spacious prayer hall. The masterpiece of Islamic tradition includes a library, lecture hall, museum, and cafe.


One of the most attractive and culture-enriched settings of Pakistan is Qissa Khwani Bazar, mostly known as “Storyteller itself” lies in the heart of Peshawar. Because of its old history and a picturesque Siraay for travelers, the place is worth watching. The place is famous for its Special Peshawari Kehwa, old buildings, brass items and clay pots. The bazar fascinates visitors majorly due to the lovely hospitality of Pashtuns .

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