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Jinnah’s Message to the Youth

Published On: 12-Mar-2021

We all are aware of what exactly happened on 25th December: Yes, we do cherish this day as “Quaid’s Day”, we do observe this day with utmost dignity but have we ever wondered about its core significance? We all know Jinnah as the founder of our beloved homeland, and we do decorate our buildings, museums, and offices with his portraits but have we ever tried to study his character or teachings? Maybe yes, or maybe no? Let’s learn the essence of “Quaid’s Day” through one of the Jinnah’s speeches chronicled below, “In addressing you, I am not here speaking to you as Head of the State, but as a friend, and as one who has always held you in affection. Many of you have today got your diplomas and degrees and I congratulate you. Just as you have won the laurels in your University and qualified yourselves, so I wish you all success in the wider and larger world that you will enter. Many of you have come to the end of your scholastic career and stand at the threshold of life. My young friends, I would, therefore, like to tell you a few points about which you should be vigilant and beware. - Unlike your predecessors, you, fortunately, leave this University to enter life under a sovereign, Independent State of your own. It is necessary that you and your other fellow students fully understand the implications of the revolutionary change that took place on the birth of Pakistan. We have broken the shackles of slavery; we are now a free people. Our State is our own State. - Freedom, however, does not mean license. It does not mean that you can now behave just as you please and do what you like, irrespective of the interests of other people or of the State. - A great responsibility rests on you and, on the contrary, now more than ever, it is necessary for us to work as a united and disciplined nation. What is now required of us all is a constructive spirit and not the militant spirit of the days when we were fighting for our freedom. It is far more difficult to construct than to have a militant spirit for the attainment of freedom. - Beware of the fifth columnists among ourselves and guard against and weed out selfish people who only wish to exploit you so that they may swim. - Learn to judge who are really true and really honest and unselfish servants of the State who wish to serve the people with heart and soul and support them.”

An extract from Jinnah’s Speech at Dhaka University Convocation on 24th March, 1948.

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