Coke Studio 14: Higher the Expectations

Published On: 03-Jan-2022

A year went by, and yet again, we had to wait for good music. Is Coke Studio all that we expect from music? In recent years, we have rather observed quite a decline in our music scene. Not only mainstream big-shots like Coke Studio, but independent artists as well. The music has lost its meaning, the only good music we witness, are renditions and renditions only. Is it because we, the  listeners, ask the artists to domore? Is it an expectation, or ademand? 

The 14th season has already caused a stir in the emotions, and the expectations are higher as Xulfi is the Executive Producer. The rumors have their say, and as per the say 25+ artists and collective(s) are included in the line-up… from greats like Abida Parveen, to fresh artists like Hasan Raheem, we have the Pakistani heartthrob Atif Aslam, there’s Eva-B, Justin Bibis, QB, Ali Sethi and Arooj Aftab, I’m legit shaking as I write the latter’s name, so finally we here. The complete line-up is given below:

Abdullah Siddiqui
Abida Parveen
Ali Sethi
Ameer Baksh
Arooj Aftab
Asfar Hussain
Atif Aslam
Butt Brothers
Eva B
Faisal Kapadia
Faris Shafi
Hasan Raheem
Justin Bibis
Kaifi Khalil
Lahore Jazz Ensemble
Meesha Shafi
Momina Mustehsan
Naseebo Lal
Quratulain Baloch
Shaegill, Soch
Talal Qureshi
Talha Anjum
Wahab Bugti
Young Stunners
Zain Zohaib Qawwals

Three producers are also included in the line-up, there’s Abdullah Siddiqui, Talal Qureshi, and Zain Ali. Everyone’s excited as far as music is concerned. It would be really exciting to witness Xulfi’s take on Coke Studio. It seems that the world is about to witness a paradigm shift, with more contemporary sound than the traditional Sufi and folk music, which became the hallmark of this franchise, and we shall see how time unfolds the whole vibe of it… with the induction of hip-hop, jazz music, and EDM - this one certainly sparks a joy. 

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