We Have To Focus On Maths!

We Have To Focus On Maths!
Published On: 29-May-2021

Article by

Muhammad Ahmad Raza

Mathematics stands at the foundation of every field of science and has a powerful influence on the arts. But little effort has been made in our country for the promotion and development of Maths. You will find 30-year-olds cracking math jokes and showing how they never understood the subject. Most of the 10th graders are dumbfounded on why they are studying logarithm and geometry.

Surprisingly, even the “Entrepreneurs” and “Internet gurus” do not seem interested in learning and promoting maths here in Pakistan. You will find people claiming how marvelous it has been for humanity to land on the moon, yet there’s hardly any discussion about how math enabled this journey in the first place and why our people should focus on Maths!   

A subject that has always been a driving force behind the development of the world is treated miserably here in our beloved country. We admire the likes of Elon Musk, but we fail to understand how their success is based on focusing on STEM subjects and maths in particular. Cryptocurrency, a field every Pakistani is willing to enter, heavily depends on the all-important subject of Math. 

We are passing out graduates to join the mundane workforce while countries around the world are busy developing Mathematical thinking in their students. Our parents and teachers overlook that youth can develop recession-proof careers in Physics, Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Computer Programming by studying Mathematics. But that’s not the end of the story - Encouraging students in the early years to study maths and understand the importance of problem-solving can change the world.

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