The Extraterrestrial Debate: Claims of Alien Remains Spark Controversy

The Extraterrestrial Debate: Claims of Alien Remains Spark Controversy
Published On: 15-Sep-2023

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Two unusual specimens, purportedly the remains of extraterrestrial beings, recently made headlines when presented to the Mexican Congress by self-proclaimed "ufologist" Jaime Maussan. However, the claims have drawn skepticism and criticism from experts in the field.

Jaime Maussan, known for his work in the field of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), presented two small, shriveled bodies with three fingers on each hand as evidence of non-human beings not connected to Earth's evolution. While Maussan testified under oath to their authenticity, experts quickly questioned his assertions. 

Antígona Segura, a prominent astrobiologist in Mexico, dismissed Maussan's claims, stating, "These conclusions are simply not backed up by evidence." She described the entire affair as "very shameful." 

Maussan claimed that researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico used carbon dating to estimate the specimens' age at around 1,000 years. However, the university distanced itself from his testimony, emphasizing that they were not involved in collecting the samples and had not examined the full specimens. They explicitly stated, "In no case do we make conclusions about the origin of these samples."  

This is not the first time Maussan has made such claims. In the past, he presented what he alleged to be an alien body, which was later proven to be that of a human child. He also participated in a project claiming that elongated-skulled, three-fingered specimens found in Nazca, Peru, were evidence of aliens, a claim strongly disputed by archaeologists.

During the recent hearing, Maussan asserted that the two recent bodies were discovered in algae mines in Cusco, Peru, in 2017. He maintained that the remains were not mummies and had not been manipulated. Maussan even claimed that X-rays revealed one of the beings had "eggs" inside it, a detail that has not been independently verified.  

Despite the lack of close examination by experts and the absence of public data, images of the supposed aliens have circulated widely on social media. However, many scientists remain skeptical, with some pointing out that the creatures appear too human-like to be authentic.

The buzz surrounding this testimony reflects a growing interest in extraterrestrial phenomena both among the public and within federal governments. NASA recently released a report on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and announced its first director of UAP research, signaling an increased focus on the subject. In July, a former Air Force intelligence officer testified before a U.S. congressional hearing, claiming that the U.S. government possesses non-human "biologics" from UAP crash sites. These developments indicate a renewed interest in exploring the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, even as skepticism remains high regarding claims like those made by Maussan.

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