Ready For A Bigger Challenge?

Ready For A Bigger Challenge?
Published On: 27-Feb-2024

Article by

Duaa Iftikhar

The bigger challenge we are going to discuss here should be absorbed and addressed to its fullest. The reason is, it is a matter of our children and actually you! 

Either you are a parent, a teacher, a college student, a tiktoker or anyone else. Otherwise, your life will be in danger of having no purpose. But, why is it dangerous? Let us see after the challenge. 

The emerging technology has introduced such high level and dark psychological games which can kill your spirituality, can make you lose emotions and empathy; the very assets of human beings. I see the metaverse as one of the most disturbing among them. It is a virtual world, where you can do anything you want in the form of an avatar. You can buy lands, have parties, and make any sort of friends in the privacy of your room. The only difference between this world and meta (beyond)-verse (universe) is that there is zero reality in the metaverse. 

Now, apparently, its introduction seems glorious. Like, you can justify that it is a great fun to move anywhere in an artificial world or relish innovative things. But wait, it’s not fun anymore. Or suppose if it could be, then no sooner that fun may convert into addiction and trauma. Metaverse_ a space where the lines between virtual world and reality are blurred, there, a high possibility of suffering from unwanted contacts lies.  Research says that virtual abuse leads to significant mental health issues and trauma. Guo Freeman et al. (2022) reported that virtual reality focuses on creating a simulated immersive experience due to which harassing behaviors are felt more realistic and potentially more traumatic. Nina Patel, a London based researcher shared her experience of verbal and sexual harassment within 60 seconds of joining.  The statistics of ‘dangers of metaverse worldwide 2021’, published in July 2022 showed that out of 60% , addiction to the virtual world was found as the biggest threat (47%), followed by mental health and privacy issues (41%), from the metaverse.

Now, these are the issues that are visible to the world. What about our inner peace, which is only there when we stay, connected to the Almighty? What about our purpose of life; the ultimate vision, for which we were sent as the ambassadors of Allah Almighty? You know what, every individual, no matter what sort of family he is born in, he is born as an ambassador of Allah Almighty. But what are we doing? We are running behind materialism apart from our children. These are the dangers! And there is no doubt, these things like the metaverse, involving too much into this world and libertarian thinking patterns always cause distress and dissatisfaction. The reasons are staying away from nature, not working on ourselves and avoiding the main purpose of life. Keep it in mind that, greater the purpose of life, greater the worth of man.

So, it is my request to all the parents and children to stay as much away from the trap of metaverse, no matter how tempting it is. It is the huge responsibility of parents to be equipped with true knowledge of Islam so that they can save their child’s most precious faith  because, in the end, all these worldly items would not even matter.

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