Margo: The Symbol of Islamabad's Tourism

Margo: The Symbol of Islamabad's Tourism
Published On: 22-Mar-2024

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CDG's decision to introduce Islamabad's tourism mascot.

Sun glasses, cap and scarf-wearing panda 'Margo' will now represent Islamabad.

CDG board approved the introduction of Islamabad's mascot. Decision made to declare the endangered Asian panda as the mascot.

Islamabad's tourism logo 'Margo' has been derived from the Margalla Hills. Margo will be placed on all internal roads, tourist spots in Islamabad. Margo will be placed in all major parks and metro stations in Islamabad.

It will be placed at the Pak-China Center, Convention Center, Margalla Trails. It will be placed on Islamabad's educational and cultural institutions.

Margo will be launched to highlight Islamabad's positive identity, officials said. Like other international cities, Islamabad will also have an identity, CDG officials said.

Through this tourism logo, the Margalla Hills will be promoted at the global level, officials said. Efforts will also be made to preserve the endangered panda, CDG officials said.

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