Faheem Azam

Faheem Azam
Published On: 10-Aug-2021

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 How would you introduce yourself?

It gets a bit difficult to confine myself with one artform. Professionally, my focus is to work on narrative-based visual-storytelling. I have a vision to raise the bar. The journey, however, is a bit difficult for our industry’s case. I personally do not enjoy screenwriting much, but I am regarded more as a screenplay writer. As an individual I enjoy stand-up comedy more, since I have got much to say, and there’s less khabat (heft) in it.

When clients reach out to you, what do they usually seek: is it some specific skillset or they ask for more than one?

It’s about how you enable it. Well, I am yet to face such an instant where some client has shown interest in any two of my skillsets. I believe all these areas help and influence one another. To wait for a moment or expecting someone to come and save me won’t really save me. One must explore, and not be hesitant in reaching out. For an outsider, the longing might take more than a while. Also, there are so many things to be considerate about. For instance, the right people or resources. After a while anticipation becomes a hassle. Although difficult, but one should be able to enable oneself, to bring and showcase their talent under a single roof.

 How to keep up with the feel: whenever writing a screenplay?

As I earlier mentioned, I do not enjoy writing, as it is a bit difficult to keep up with kefiat (feeling), but music helps... I prefer listening to isochronic/binaural music whenever I write. During the creative process, or ideation or visualization... I listen to some specific geet (song), which helps me in embracing and expressing the “feel”. For me, music is the foreground, and certainly not the background(chuckles). As it has the potency to elate you, it can take you somewhere. Music helps me to disconnect with reality for a while. To conclude your question, music helps me in embracing a feel.

How do you differentiate between “Art” and “Craft”?

Craft can be learnt and cultivated; it could be in-built as well, as some people are born craftsmen. Art is more of an expression. The difference lies in the expression. If you’re able to express your angle in any way, that is art. 

Koi art bikta acha hai, koi art bikta acha nahi hai.

(Some art sells good, some art won’t)

Since there’s more focus on dikhna (see-able) and bikna (sell-able), we expect excellence from everyone. Naïve thoughts or innocent desires are not welcomed in this era. We expect everyone to work more… and be the best, but won’t ask a person what they want, and all he ever wanted was to water his plants, par nahi… (laughs)


There’s a common notion, that: “better artists are born in a suppressed society.” Can you please enlighten us?

I personally think a healthy environment is important for achi cheez (the good stuff) to sustain. Artists are present everywhere and in every era. With reference to the notion, it only appears gloomy to us, especially when we dwell in the past, as we are witnessing similar experiences (a suppressed society). If any society is financially stable and morally sane, only then the crafted art done would seem like a miracle to future generations. Only in a suppressed society, resistance (in art) appears more attractive.


What’s your take on relatively newer (film) platforms like TikTok or SnackVideo or other platforms?

You see, it (expression) is a beast, which can not be controlled. So, it is not feasible to control some beast that cannot be tamed. There’s a process through which this beast is sanctioned and auctioned. We can choose it as per our will, and not watch it, if someone fancies it, good for them, if someone disapproves of it, just change the channel. Who am I or you to decide for someone, everyone should be able to choose to seek for themselves… The privileged among us want to dominate it and dictate terms.


What would you suggest to the youth: on how to keep yourself motivated?

Well, I am fortunate enough since I did not get to deal with this problem. But if I am to address the youth, I’d say define your goals, and be limitless. People, since their childhood are confined: for instance, to get better grades. In this way, goals are dictated by elders. Which would eventually limit them: for instance, to get good grades. They get lost in the feeling. And it takes a while for them to get out of it. Just identify yourself, your purpose of life. The day you learn about contribution. Is the day you find yourself.



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