Do You Identify Yourself As An Alpha Male or a Sigma Male?

Do You Identify Yourself As An Alpha Male or a Sigma Male?
Published On: 02-Nov-2023

Article by

Muhammad Shoaib Khan

In this age of entertainment every day we see a lot of new characters on TV, Netflix, and Social Media. They show their characteristic personality types from which the viewers are attracted and impressed. While some girls follow strong and macho characters. Like in so many other countries of the world, a large portion of the population of Pakistani young girls are attracted to Korean Pop Music popularly known as K-pop, which performs songs, dances, and talks which enchants girls. The fan girls like their soft and cool personalities to which most of the Pakistani guys do not get impressed. What Pakistani boys go after are the characters that show Alpha and Sigma males?

Only a few boys like beta, omega, gamma, and delta personality types, and most of them appreciate Alpha and Sigma male characters. Every day on social media apps, you come to see boys sharing different quotations associated with Sigma males as Sigma rule number 67, 78, and so on. Most of the time, these same guys are seen to be sharing some content related to Alpha males, as if this is their ideal personality type. These rocky boys identify themselves too with these personality types but always appear to be confused between Alpha and Sigma. 

In this article, I am going to mention some of the basic personality characteristics of Sigma and Alpha males so that it might get easier for fanboys to understand whom they are following, is your character an Alpha male or a Sigma male, and what they identify themselves to.

The Alpha and Sigma males appear very similar at the first look and most of the people cannot separate the two initially. Both of them are confident, strong, and powerful. They attract attention and are trendsetters. They possess excellent natural qualities of leadership. They both are protective of others and equally popular with women. However, there are quite significant differences between them. Alpha males are dominant and assertive. They like to take charge of the top positions in the social hierarchies and like to be acknowledged and praised. The term "Alpha" has been in use since the 20th century and is thought to have originated from the dominant socio-sexual hierarchies that we see in animals like the "Alpha Wolf". The Alpha males commonly have access to power, money, and partners mainly due to their leadership skills and strong physical prowess. 

The Sigma males are strong but have a very special personality. Some people consider that Sigma males are those who have the qualities of both Alpha and Beta males. Some think that Sigma and Alpha are equal but the Sigma likes to sit outside the socio-sexual hierarchies by his own choice. He likes to be independent. According to the writer Theodore Robert Beale, who coined the term in 2010, the Sigma males are "lone wolves" who exist outside these hierarchies and these are introverted Alpha males. These are the breakers of stereotypes and do not comply with social expectations yet these are successful and popular with women.

The Alpha males like to compete with their likes and achieve and enjoy the highest position but the Sigma male only competes with himself and improves to become a better version of himself.

Both Alpha and Sigma are ambitious but their goals and their definition of success are entirely different. The Alpha wants to reach the top and dominate the environment but the Sigma wants to be successful by getting near to some personal goals that do not include competing with others. The Alpha considers him a failure as he does not get to the top socio-sexual hierarchical position but he is already not competing with anyone neither Alpha nor anyone else. He is happy away from this system and he always tries to improve himself. He does not need anyone's approval which Alpha always needs.

The leadership style of the Sigma male is also different from the Alpha male. The latter is assertive, and bossy and does not listen to the ideas of his inferiors but the Sigma is more collaborative to get the job done and always open to suggestions no matter who is telling. This is also because the Sigma male is a champion of equality. Even if he is at the top of the hierarchy, he does not care and brags about it. He considers people equal and by no means asserts any authority over others. He is capable of working collaboratively when he needs to do so but he enjoys working independently in which he enjoys more. The Alpha always needs a team and a group of subordinates to get the work done and get the acknowledgment of that work. He also prefers the traditional values and likes the hierarchies in which he can dominate the others and stay in the position of power. He tries to maintain the status quo but the Sigma male rebels against these norms.

It will be the case with the followers of these characters too. If the person who naturally identifies, as an Alpha, will see the Alpha character as ideal and successful people but independent and happy with themselves people will cherish the Sigma characters, they see in the entertainment media. 

So, knowing these traits of the Alpha and Sigma male personality types, who is your favorite Sigma and Alpha Character? And what do you identify yourself as? 

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