Published On: 12-Mar-2021

Twisted leader with attractive colors is the structure everyone can recall from their early school years, maybe not by name, but surely can recollect the picture in their science books. Talking about the DNA, sometimes it feels that DNA takes all the credit, yes, it’s very important: it codes for your traits. However, sometimes what gets left out is how important RNA is. Without RNA, you actually couldn’t get that genetic message out of your cell so that they can produce proteins. RNA is a biomolecule just as significant as DNA.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Deoxyribose is a sugar, and nucleic acid is the type of biomolecule. DNA is double stranded and is in a double helix shape also known as twisted ladder.

Moving on to the DNA bases, which are certainly important for the codes in your traits are adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine. While studying them, I would use a specific learning technique to memorize them i.e., Apples(adenine) in the tree(thymine) and car(cytosine) in the garage(guanine). DNA is found in the nucleus.

RNA stands for “Ribonucleic Acid”. The “ribo” is actually the part of ribose which is a sugar, as DNA has “deoxyribose” RNA has “ribose” and they both contain sugar. Moreover, RNA also has four bases A, T, C, G just like DNA. RNA also has the same bases except for the T(thymine), there is no T in RNA, rather it contains U (uracil). So, the learning technique for RNA would be different i.e. apples (adenine) under (uracil) the tree and car (cytosine) in the garage(guanine). Like DNA, RNA begins inside the nucleus but it travels out of it and majorly helps deliver the message. There are three types of RNA. First is messenger RNA i.e., mRNA, and its job are to carry a message based on the DNA. The second type is called the transfer RNA i.e., tRNA and its job are to transfer the message, then we have rRNA stands for ribosomal RNA and is a component of the ribosome which yields protein.

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