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Beacon of Knowledge: NUML

Beacon of Knowledge: NUML
Published On: 23-Aug-2023

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Ayesha Mustafa


Acquiring higher education is pivotal for cultivating a generation of critical and compassionate minds, who will eventually become the cornerstone of global progression. Universities across the board have ensured the preservation of artistic expression and intellectual discourse for generations to come. National University of Modern Language, more commonly known as NUML has made a significant contribution in this regard for the last 4 decades, since 1969. Currently the main campus is located in the serene and quaint surroundings of Islamabad. Historically it was a language learning institution for military personnel, which had later evolved into the university we now know as NUML

What Lies Within its Premises: 

From the outside, a visitor may not be able to comprehend the vast expanse of this campus. The university is a timeless blend of classic elegance and modern functionality, comprising 10 educational blocks. As you enter the grounds, you are greeted by sprawling vibrant gardens and a majestic mosque nestled in the midst of those buzzling lawns. Alongside the mosque is the main auditorium of the university, providing ample opportunity for all of its students to participate in numerous conferences and events

As you walk down the pathway, you may come across the stately multi-story building of the main library, which has built it repute for housing literature from a multitude of foreign and local languages. 

For your extracurricular entertainment, the university provides its students with a fully decked out gymnasium and a sports center, which is equipped with premium gear for hockey, basketball, football and cricket enthusiasts. 

The campus is currently undergoing renovations to add a marketplace to provide provision of its hostilities and day scholars alike. Small dining nooks and restaurants are sprawled all around the campus providing a perfect escape from a day of demanding lectures. 

Faculties and Programs: 

More prominently known for its renowned Language departments, NUML currently has 6 diverse faculties which comprise 35 departments of education. 

The faculties are as followed:

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (Since 2002- Departments of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Software Engineering).

Faculty of Languages (Since 1969- Departments of Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Spanish, Pakistani languages, South Asian Languages, Translation and Interpretation).

Faculty of Management Science (Since 2002- Department of Finance and Accounting, Economic, Management Science). 

Faculty of Social Sciences (Department of Applied Psychology, Educational Sciences, Governance and Public Policy, International Relations, Islamic Thought and Culture, Media and Communication Studies, Pakistan Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies).

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Department of English GS, English UGS).

Confucius Institute (Department of Area Studies, Confucius).

The Faculty of Language is currently the largest language learning institution in the country, comprising 16 different departments dedicated to the acquisition of local and foreign languages. Many departments are affiliated with international agencies and institutions to ensure global comradeship. Many international students opt for this institution for its diverse and inclusive range of programs.

Moreover, the university offers short courses and professional diplomas in various disciplines and languages annually.

How to Apply: 

The university offers two separate junctures to apply for admission in any of its programs. Currently, the Fall Admission are being carried out within the institution for various undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs in all of its campuses. To apply for a program, please refer to the online portal:

If you want to check the eligibility of any of the respective programs, you can look it up at:

The extended deadline for online application in Fall 2023 has been declared to be 4th September 2023.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

NUML provides a financial backing to numerous deserving individuals, based on their academic performances and financial limitations. These private and government based efforts have been carried out for decades to ensure a level playing field for all scholars. For further information, visit the site: 

Clubs and Societies:

The Societies in NUML caters to a wide range of interests that encompasses academic and professional fields. A student board runs some of the clubs, such as ELS and Drama Club; while others have been sanctioned by the university admins. 


These include Art and Photography Society, Allama Iqbal Society and Bazm-e-Sukhan. These societies often organize events, fundraisers and host special guests, providing a vast range of networking opportunities for its members.  


Why Should You Join?

As a student of this commendable institution myself, NUML has not only catered to my scholarly endeavors but also expanded my critical thinking in this era of rapid globalization. NUML is included in the Top 55 Asian Universities and ranked 5th in Pakistan for its academic performance. The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 ranked NUML 801 among the top 1000+ international universities around the globe. For decades, NUML has been the center of cultural perseverance and allowed a cross-cultural exchange across the constraints of linguistic and ethnic boundaries. 

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