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All You Need To Know About UMT

All You Need To Know About UMT
Published On: 10-Aug-2023

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Muhammad Shoaib Khan


Hey! This is Muhammad Shoaib Khan. I am a regular writer for Azeem English Magazine. I write articles in the science section of the Azeem English Magazine. The major reason behind my contribution to the science section is that I am a science student. I have completed my BS in Zoology from the University of Management and Technology, Lahore.

UMT is a leading university in the private education sector of Pakistan as it has been placed at the number 1 position by Times Higher Education Ranking for two consecutive years. Apart from having highly qualified faculty in each department and a sophisticated learning environment, it provides its students with a grooming culture where the students can hone their skills in writing, debating, acting, singing, painting, sports and so many co-curricular activities.

In this blog, I will answer some FAQs about my university which I am capable of through close observation and my experience in the university in these 4 years of my graduation at UMT Lahore.

Q#1: Why Should Students Choose This Institution?

Well! In recent years, UMT has come out to be a brand in the education sector of Pakistan. It is the institution where you can get top-quality education for a reasonable learning investment. UMT is a leading institution in the scientific contribution from our country and it has top scientists as faculty in the various departments. It nurtures in its students the leadership skills and best grooming in their fields who make their mark in the country and the world during and after completing their education at UMT. 

UMT Central Building

UMT SEN and Library Buildings

Q#2: What Are the Famous Programs of This University?

The famous programs in UMT include 

  • DPT and DNS from the School of Health Sciences, 

  • LLB from the School of Law and Policy, 

  • MBA, BBA, and BBIS from Hasan Sohaib Murad School of Business, 

  • BSCS and Soft Engineering from the School of System and Technology, 

  • Masters and Bachelors programs in English from Institute of Liberal Arts, 

  • Civil, and Electrical Engineering from School of Engineering, 

  • Masters and Bachelors programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physics, Mathematics and Bachelors programs in Microbiology and Zoology.

Apart from these famous programs, UMT offers dozens of other programs in various fields which can be accessed by visiting the following official webpage:


BS Nutrition Sciences in UMT

School of Law and Policy UMT

Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad School of Business UMT

Students of School of System and Technology UMT

Advertisement Flyer of BS English UMT

Pakistan Engineering Council's Officials Visiting SEN UMT

UMT School of Science Lab

Q#3: What Are Scholarship Opportunities for Students?

UMT offers various merit, need-based and other scholarships for its participants. UMT's generous scholarships are an effective instrument for encouraging and facilitating education for worthy students while also carrying on UMT's aim of effecting long-term changes in society. Candidates applying to UMT can apply for a variety of merit and other scholarships that will allow them to pursue their dream of being highly useful members of society.

These Scholarships Include:

·         Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad PhD Fellowship

·         MS Scholarships

·         Merit Scholarships

·         Kinship Discount

·         Corporate Group Discount

·         Discount of Children of Shuhada

·         Outstanding Sportsmen and Extracurricular Scholarship

·         Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad Engineering Scholarship

          Alumni Scholarships

·         Remote Area Scholarship

·         Special Person (Differently Abled) Scholarships

·         Discount for Children of Government Teachers

·         Need-Based Financial Aid

·         Justice A R Cornelius Scholarship

Details regarding these scholarships can be accessed by following the official webpage:

Scholarship Opertunities at UMT

Q#4: Which Are The Favorite Hangout Spots in the University?

UMT is a vibrant university, having participants from all around the country and international students, all of whom sit together in the evening at flag point near the Main Building where they greet and gossip with each other. Some singers also come with their instruments like Guitars, Drums, and Rubabs, and the students gather around them while they sing. UMT has a vast multipurpose ground known as "UMT Greens" which is mostly occupied by sportspersons in the evening. Apart from these, UMT has two elegant symposium cafes and a very busy main cafeteria, which offers lavish and hygienic food for its participants.

Flags Point UMT Lahore

Symposium Cafe UMT

Q#5: Does the University Conduct Any Extracurricular Activities?

UMT is a very famous institute in terms of conducting extracurricular activities. It has 50-plus clubs and societies registered with the Office of Participants Affairs, which is an office specially designated for extracurricular activities. The famous clubs and societies include Debating Club, Literary Society, Dramatics Club, Talks Club, Character Building Society, Freelancing Club, Islamic Society, Bioverse Society, and the evergreen UMT Sports Society. These clubs and societies conduct Contests, Tournaments, Workshops, Seminars, and other Events for their participants and the students from all the other institutes and universities of Pakistan. 

UMT VolleyBall Team Winning competition

The participants from these clubs and societies also take part in the events of other universities and HEC, under the banner of UMT winning various positions, and bringing a good name to the university.

Student of UMT singing in the hut near flag point

I was a member of the executive body of the UMT Talks Club. While being the Vice President of the club, I conducted Different Seminars and Webinars, organized multiple Discussion Sessions, and Outstation Visits for the participants of the University. This was quite a learning and grooming experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot as well.

Cricket Trials at UMT Greens

UMT Debating Club organizing a debate competition

UMT Drama Club

UMT students gossiping and enjoying at Juice Corner

UMT Main Cafeteria

Q# 6: How to Take Admission And What Are the Admission Dates?

To be admitted to UMT, you just have to visit the admission office by showing your ID card at the entry gate. A very cooperative crew and officials at the admission office will be at your service afterwards, they will guide and help you in all of the admission process. If you want to apply online, you can visit the following webpage:

UMT demands a minimum of 50% marks in previous degrees for most of its programs. You have to go through a testing process. In this, you will have to take a medium difficulty level entry test. It will be a computer-based MCQ test. The results of your test will confirm your admission to UMT. The Testing agency to conduct entry tests is the following:*93vogp*_ga*NjgyNzI3MzMuMTY4NjY0OTIwMQ..*_ga_L3QJSF8NV5*MTY5MTA2OTg3NS44LjEuMTY5MTA3MDIzMS42MC4wLjA.

UMT opens admissions two times a year for most of its programs. The admissions for Fall Semester opens almost in early June and close in late September while admissions for Spring Semester opens almost in early January and close in late March. The last date of fall admissions is 24 August 2023.

UMT provides a suitable and attractive learning environment. With its top-class facilities, from Air-conditioned lecture halls to well-equipped labs, from its massive Bibliotheca Learning Resource Center (UMT Library) to technology-equipped Information Processing Centers (Computer Labs), it is a great institute for both the learners and teachers. A huge influx of students in the admission office every semester proves the official slogan of the university; "UMT! My first choice".

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