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Wonder World of Ants and Honeybees

Wonder World of Ants and Honeybees
Published On: 03-Aug-2023

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Ever been curious about the world of insects? How do bees make honey? How do ants carry food? How much do you know about these insects and their world? Let’s have a close insight! In the world of ants and honeybees, there are two species that are the most important to humans. The first is the honeybee, which is responsible for pollinating a huge number of plants. They do this by carrying pollen from one flower to another. Honeybees also help us produce food by making honey, which can then be used to make other things like jam or syrup. The second is the ant colony, which lives in large colonies with thousands of individuals. Ants are helpful because they protect plants from other insects and make sure that their seeds aren't eaten by birds before they sprout into new plants. Ants also keep pests away from crops, so they're especially important when it comes to growing food! They're also pretty damn fascinating. They're not just your average pesky insects, though. Ants are actually one of the most successful groups of organisms on Earth, and they're responsible for a whole lot of amazing things. The first thing you should know about ants is that they don't actually live in colonies—they live in a "superorganism." That means that when an ant dies, it's no longer part of the colony but rather its own individual ant. This is what allows them to survive so well—if an ant dies, it can be replaced by another ant! Ants are also able to communicate with each other through chemical signals called pheromones. These pheromones act like an alarm system for the colony: if one ant is attacked or killed by something or someone else, then all of the other ants will know about it immediately and go out to defend themselves! 

Hidden fact: Ants hold the record for the fastest movement in the animal kingdom & are the longest living insects. As for bees, they make the honey we eat! There are three kinds of bees: worker bee, drone, and queen bee. The drones are the bee's father. They mate with the queen bee and then die. The queen bee is the bee's mother. Her body is big and she gives birth to larvae. There are about 1,000 different bee species. Of those, around 300 are considered stingless, as in they don’t have a stinger. Among the stinging bee species, some can sting over and over again; for others, their first sting will be their last. For those bees, the stinger, or ovipositor, is barbed at the end, so when the bee flies away after stinging, it gets stuck in your skin, tearing away part of the bee’s abdomen. Soon after, the bee dies. And you thought a bee sting was bad for you! 

Hidden Fact: To produce a kilogram of honey, bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world in air miles. These were some of the amazing hidden facts about bees and ants. So next time, before anyone tries to kill them, count their blessings upon mankind. 

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