The Energy Point of Hidden Subtlety (Latifa e Khafi)- I

The Energy Point of Hidden Subtlety (Latifa e Khafi)- I
Published On: 26-Feb-2024

Article by

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Farooqi

The Realm, Color, and Qualities of the Latifa e Khafi (Hidden Subtlety): 

The Station of Hidden Subtlety (Latifa Khafi) and Annihilation

In the world of divine command, there are five energy points, amongst these ones the  hidden subtlety is at the fourth level. Imam Rabbani, Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Thani, said that the station of hidden subtlety(Latifa e Khafi) is located approximately an inch to the right of the chest's center. He explains that its annihilation manifests qualities of negation and purification. In other words, the remembrance of Allah has started in it, and it is turning towards its original station. It is being enriched by the sweetness of Allah's remembrance, the effects of divine blessings, special infusions, revelations, and spiritual observations. He states that its annihilation reveals the qualities of purification.

The Station of Purification

The meaning of purification is to clean and become pure. This is a divine attribute of purity. Allah, the Lord of all worlds, is beyond and exempt from any physical or spiritual association, and He is pure. 

In the words of the Imam Rabbani as per Quranic words;  

"Allah is Pure from what they attribute to Him." 

(Quran, As-Saffat: 180)

Further, it is stated in the Holy Quran:

"There is nothing like unto Him." (Ash-Shura: 11)

The Attributes of Creation and the Creator 

Regarding this matter, there are two groups. One group asserts that all the entities visible in the universe are manifestations of nature, the unity of creation, including humans, are the appearances of the divine attributes of Allah. They can be understood by attributing entities to Allah or by likening His Attributes to them. The other group maintains that Allah, the Lord of Honor, is beyond and exempt from resembling the created and from associating anything with Him. 

As an example, consider this verse by Allama Iqbal:

"Qahari o Ghaffari o Quddusi o Jabbari, 

Ye char anasir hon to banta hai Musalman."

(The persecution, the forgiveness, the purification, the accountant, these four entities constitute a true/ ideal muslim.) 

The diverse attributes of Allah found among His creations, or the manifestation of those attributes through created beings, can be used as a foundation. Understanding and seeking those attributes or reaching them by contemplating them and understanding them through the guidance of a spiritual mentor. 

The Creator is Beyond Human Comprehension

The second group of Sufis asserts that whatever exists within the grasp of creation is exempted from Allah; Beyond and beyond, and beyond, He is. Therefore, the manifestation of purification is absorbed by this fourth Latifa-Khafi. Then, realize that Allah, the Lord of all worlds, has numerous attributes, and among them is the attribute of purification. Contemplating and understanding these attributes through a mentor, one can comprehend the limitless attributes of Allah. The Lord possesses countless attributes and attributes such as “The Best of creators, the lord of lords, the Sustainer of all benefactors, the Judge of judges and so on. But man’s peaks of knowledge and understanding can fail to undertake Allah’s real perception and recognition. 

Difference between Moshabeh (Resemblance) and Moshabe Bih (Likeness)

For instance, if someone says, "This individual is as intelligent as Shakespeare," they are comparing the intelligence of a person to that of Shakespeare, implying a resemblance. Similarly, if it is said that someone possesses as much knowledge as Galen, or, as in the case of Mir Taqi Mir, being titled "the divine poet," it involves likening the individual to the mentioned figures. In other words, to reach a certain level of excellence, a person is compared to a foundation, such as saying, "Just as Shakespeare was like this, Galen was like this, or Mir Taqi Mir was like this." While this conveys a sense of similarity and resemblance, comprehending the attributes and perfections of Allah, the Lord of all worlds, requires human effort. No matter how high one soars, it remains limited because their ascent is governed by their own flight capability. Allah, the Lord of all worlds, is free from these limitations and resemblances . 

Strength of the Sparrow’s Tiny Offspring

The tiny offspring of a bird was telling its mother that where it sits in a tree, the branch determines its youth and strength. The mother, upon hearing this, responded, "Son, right now you must be sitting in a small twig because, considering your age, you are either perched on a maize plant, a barley stalk, or a blade of grass near the river where plants grow. Thus, you are sitting higher than lower." The bird's offspring was boasting about its strength and courage, saying, "I have become so young and strong that when I sit in a tree branch, it bends." Just like this, a man  is like the bird's offspring in relation to the Attributes and Status of Allah.

Epistles of Imam Rabbani and Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid, Alif Thani’s caliph, once dreamt of meeting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He inquired about the well-being of his master, Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Thani. The Prophet (PBUH) responded by asking him to recite any portion from the sacred epistles of Hazrat Mujaddid, and if something stood out, he would listen. The reciter excerpts from the sacred letters in which Hazrat Mujaddid discussed the Attributes of Allah Almighty and the stages of elevation. 

Note that the phrase "Verily, Allah is beyond and beyond, and beyond, and beyond of our thinking.'' It is derived from the sacred letters. (Letters of Imam Rabbani)

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, 

                                                                 "Read on." 

The caliph replied, "I continued reading the entire night, Hazrat Prophet (PBUH) listened, and the day dawned." The jewels of Imam Rabbani's sacred letters were recited and heard, and were verified by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Attributes of Allah, particularly the attribute of purification, the superb one.  The blessing of the attribute of purification fall upon a believer or a faqir, and the place where it descends is called Latifa e Khafi. Another term used is Salbiyah. 

Allah Almighty said, 

"Verily, Allah seizes (takes back) the heavens and the earth lest they sway from their places." 

(Al-Baqarah 2:255)

(It means every power and authority rests with Allah Almighty. He is the sole Lord of this universe. No one stands partner to any of his Attributes. 

Treatment of Human Maladies

It highlights this fact that the blessings and benefits that come from Latifah Khafi are attributes of peace. Their influence cures deadly diseases like envy, malice, hatred, and backbiting. These are such destructive diseases that whoever falls victim to them, these diseases destroy him. 

Just as the Prophet (PBUH) guided us about envy: 

"Beware of envy, as envy devours good deeds just as fire devours wood." 

(Abu Dawood)

(Protect yourself from envy because envy eats away good deeds just as fire consumes firewood). 


To be Continued…

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