Satrang Art Gallery 10 Year Anniversary

Satrang Art Gallery 10 Year Anniversary
Published On: 28-Apr-2022

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Satrang Art Gallery held its 10 year Anniversary on 8th April, 2022.
It’s a part of SerenArts, an initiative of the Serena Hotels.

The Gallery is dedicated to supporting and promoting Pakistani arts and artisans, particularly young contemporary artists.
Satrang Gallery's 10 year anniversary has been a dream come true.
The gallery was started for emerging artists and to show their artistry talent. Their platform helps people showcase their power and assists them in achieving greater visibility. Young artists who showed with them as graduates went on to win critical acclaim.

Thanks to their hard work, Satrang gallery is a leading gallery now in Pakistan. They have engaged with the diplomatic community and other visitors in the capital city giving them an insight into Pakistan's vibrant art scene. 

Since its inception, Satrang Gallery has also established an annual curatorial traineeship program for art graduates that more than 20 young curators have passed through and continued to successful careers. 

Their mission includes engaging with local communities and schools and conducting workshops for young artists. 


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