Neither Good Citizens, Nor Good Students

Neither Good Citizens, Nor Good Students
Published On: 29-Mar-2022

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In a session titled, “Higher Education: Creating Good Citizens, not just Good Students”. HEC Chairman Prof Dr Tariq Banuri gave a harsh, but true statement when he was asked to explain how varisities could create good citizens, not only good students.
He responded by saying, “We had spoiled our children and our education neither focused on creating good students nor good students”. He added that we had been paying the price of blunders that we have made in the past decade.
He said, Epistemic knowledge is what students learn in the classroom, while technical knowledge was acquired through practice, experience, involvement and interaction.
However, the third type is the Knowledge of justice which can only be learned through empathy.
The president of Szabist, Shahnaz Wazir Ali added that a certain group of policymakers have pushed the varisities to teach science, engineering and technology. We are not focusing on social sciences through which we can move society forward.
The underlying problem is that instead of empowering the youth in their unique abilities and talents, we are producing graduates as per the market requirement. 


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