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Living Every Moment: My Resolution for the New Year

Living Every Moment: My Resolution for the New Year
Published On: 14-Feb-2024

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Maham Mansha


From waking up because of nightmares

To waking up midnight to pray 

From a whispered “why me?”

To a shouted “try me”

From being silent to make peace

To saying NO without hesitation

From trying hard to be everyone’s favorite

To being my own favorite

From suppressing my emotions

To now being aware of them

From being awkward with the silence to falling in love with it

From settling for the bare minimum to demanding everything I deserve

From wanting to be perfect to thriving in mess


This year was a rollercoaster. We faced tough tests that made us feel like we were carrying the weight of the world. We stumbled, fell, got back up, and found our way again. It wasn’t easy, but guess what? We’re still here, unbroken.

Life hit hard. We lost things, felt down, had good laughs, and learned a bunch. But you know what’s incredible? We didn’t let it all crush us. When things got tough, we found something inside us. It was like a superhero power—resilience. It helped us bounce back, even when we thought we couldn’t. We lost, we failed, we cried, but we also won, laughed, and learned. Each time we fell, we picked ourselves up.

Think about the times when everything felt like it was slipping away. It was scary, right? But hey, we’re survivors. We turned those tough moments into lessons. We learned stuff we never thought we would. Sure, there were moments when we wanted to give up. Tears flowed, and it felt like the world was against us. But you know what? Those tears didn’t stop us. They showed that we’re brave enough to feel things deeply. We found joy in unexpected places. Even in the middle of chaos, we laughed. We laughed even when there were tears in our eyes. Those moments reminded us that happiness can find its way to us, no matter what.

Learning was our secret weapon. Every challenge was a chance to grow smarter. We learned about ourselves, about life, and about how strong we really are. It was like going to a school where life was the teacher. Love was our anchor. It kept us steady when things got crazy. It was in the people we cared about, the friends who stood by us, and the kindness we shared. Love showed us that we’re not alone.

As this year winds down, let’s remember—we didn’t just survive, we rocked it! We showed the world that we’re unbeatable. Yeah, life threw its curveballs, but we caught them all. We stood tall when it tried to knock us down. In this big, wild journey called life, we’re the heroes of our own stories. We’ve proven that we’re unbreakable. So, here’s to us—for rising strong, for being unstoppable, and for showing the world that no matter what, we’ve got what it takes!

The New Year isn't just a date on the calendar; it's a chance for a fresh start, a clean slate. It's an opportunity to take everything we've experienced and turn it into fuel for our dreams. Every stumble, every tear, every laugh—they've all shaped us into who we are today, and they'll guide us as we step into the unknown of tomorrow.

Sure, there might be twists and turns ahead, but we're not just passengers in this journey called life—we're the captains of our ships. We'll navigate through the waves, celebrate the victories, and learn from the challenges. With each passing day, we'll write our own story—one filled with courage, growth, and boundless hope.

You know what my resolution for this year is? It’s really simple—I want to live. Not just exist, but really, truly live every moment that comes my way. Living means feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and taking a moment to appreciate its gentle touch. It's about giggling until my stomach hurts, dancing like nobody’s watching, and being kind to everyone. So, as this new year begins, I’m making a promise—to myself—to live. To live with my whole heart, to cherish each day, and to make memories that’ll make me smile when I look back.

So here's to us—for embracing the unknown with open arms, for believing in our strength, and for being ready for whatever this new chapter brings. Let's go crush it together. Because this year? This year, we're ready for anything.

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