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Published On: 02-Aug-2023

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A friendly reminder: Make this fall a blessing for you and other beings. 

The question of humanness is way simpler to answer. It makes you think and act with kindness to the universe. What makes you think of the universe? May I help you in this sort? Let me explain it to you. The universe is what makes you share your energies with. It’s your effort to sooth your mind, and body in general and energies, desires, and dreams in particular. As a consequence of this sort of sharing, you receive rewards. Yes, the rewards from universe which you have created, and shared your kindness with. It is like magic. I often question random people and my friends “Jaadu aata hai?” can you do magic or do you know magic? And they laugh and sometimes answer me with a lot of queries about this question of mine regarding magic. What is my purpose of doing all this? What is the aim of getting in a conversation with people you do not know? That’s the very first step of sharing your energies and creating a universe. And yes “Jaadu tou sabko aata hai”. 

As I initiated with the question of humanness, humans are not the only one on this planet. The question of nature, the matter, water, soil, sun, moon, stars, air, seasons, the mountains, the rivers, and a lot more that makes humans, mother nature and animal’s existence possible is also easy to answer. As you can see around you, the earth is shaped and changed by humans. Some changes are justified by defining the technology and modernizations and other terminologies like these. There are huge buildings all around the world. There is technology. The water has changed its flow (sometimes by its own and sometimes done by humans). Climate is totally changed. I personally do not like comparisons but in the case of life, it is essential to connect the dots in order to understand why things have changed and what are their effects on us and life on earth.

The thing to add on this is: we have lost the dots to connect and make our life defined on kindness and humanness. Whenever we spend time with our generation’s older counterparts, we used to listen about exciting things that aren’t meant to show up in contemporary times. Don’t you think that everything is messed up? Actually, the essence which is meant to be missing in our life is sharing. Yes, the sharing that is between nature, humans and every single thing on this planet. The kind of sharing that makes the universe a good place to live. That sort of sharing ensures the transfer of energies among different natures. Nature is used here for the nature of things, humans, animals, earth and every single thing that defines earth as earth. 

There are ways we can express our humanness. For instance, share yourself with not only humans but with your surroundings like air, trees, birds, animals, plants, sky, stars, water, nearby mountain or a far off one, the little ant moving with tiny legs near you, the sun and the moon. Talk to these and you will feel that you are not the only one happy or depressed. But sharing will heal you. And, as a human you do have a soul. And your soul needs to connect to the energies it inhales to talk. Souls need to talk. Therefore, you and the souls of yours and the other beings will heal the one you’ve shared yourselves with. Try to make a habit of feeding the beings around you. Those beings could be anything, material or soulful. Feeding might be in material terms as well as non-material basis. Talk to the dogs in your streets scrolling around the universe of your existence. Talk to the birds_ the crows in the evening. Feed them with food. Let me share with you a beautiful habit of Didi (a dear friend of mine and my soul). She used to feed the crows in the evening with food she eats and she makes a share of the food for the crows before eating. It has made me realize that sharing the food, not as a leftover thing but with the same respect to other beings, makes you feel a lot. It makes you feel a lot about a lot. And as a result of this sharing she has made the crows her friends. And the most beautiful thing is that she has discovered intricate and intimating habits of the crows. And she has discovered the ancient times of the companionship of humans and the crows.

You, yes you the young fellow of mine, whom I am writing for: make it a friendly reminder that you are a human and it is not meant to bind you for any act of yours towards kindness. Through these acts of kindness, you will be able to connect the dots, the dots that make everything bearable on beautiful terms. That makes everything of your universe help you to mark it a place for sharing through diversities of existence.  

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