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Beware of the Deceptive Love

Beware of the Deceptive Love
Published On: 27-Oct-2023

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Mawara Manzoor

Have you heard about a clan in some random suburban area that has built such an ideal empire that nobody can touch it?

Well, yes, I have seen it, swollen it, and gotten bruises all over my body while in an attempt to touch it. You’d be mesmerized to know the so-called pillars of morality of that clan on which the ‘ideal’ empire stands. Just to calm your exciting nerves, let’s open up a little more. It is not your typical thousand-year-old tale of love about any person from that ‘ideal’ clan; it’s a tale of ‘revenge’. You, too, find it unbelievable? Because I can see raised eyebrows there. Burst your bubble, little one, because yes, this world stands this emotion as well. People take pride in it. This is their identity. Just like empathy and kindness are your forte, being ‘vengeful’ is what they’re good at. Trust me, don’t get me wrong—this happens. This is a fact. So run when you see a shadow of insecurity lurking through someone’s love language.
Oh yes, all I’m talking about is that powerful, highly self-obsessed clan, which is a paradoxical blend of an apparently tight-knit family unit that holds love and togetherness, but deep inside they’re crusaders. It was their favorite hobby to portray warmth, love, and traditional family values. In fact, they successfully bamboozled the whole world, including their kids, and I was their easy target to prey on. To me, just like others, they were the epitome of familial harmony—a family I wished I had mine—such a caring sister, loving parents and brother… Ugh, I wish I could have one like him. Yeah, literally, those were my thoughts. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

However, beneath this veneer, a darker reality unfolds. They place undue emphasis on social status, their wealth, and their outward appearances, believing that these factors define their self-worth. But a lie can’t be your best friend for too long. Someone has to unmask the so-called castles built upon weak foundations with shallow personalities. The real tragedies happen behind closed doors, in the darkness of night, and in silent backstabbing. I get it; just like you, a normal human cannot dare to do all this. Only the heart with years of hate, a man with excessive-obsessive thoughts, or a long-satisfied ego can hold the courage to withstand the emotion of ‘revenge, even at minor ignorance towards him/her. Absolutely yes; it takes just a little pinch to lure the most rational minds down a treacherous path. Not just one or two, but everybody there is consumed by festering anger and an insatiable need to avenge a perceived injustice.

Here, the psychological labyrinth of ‘Revenge Theory’ comes into play. According to this, revenge is often a way for an individual to regain their lost sense of power and control. The act of seeking revenge becomes a twisted means of restoring their wounded ego, a desperate attempt to assert dominance in a situation that once left them feeling powerless. You must be wondering how it can be born without any reason. You would be shocked to hear this, just like me; nothing major happened that could offend the superiors of that family. Just an innocent wish of a child to keep his favorite toy gifted by his friend!
It doesn’t make any sense, right? But trust me, it happens, it’s a bitter reality.

When does it really escalate? According to revenge theory, what’s particularly troubling about the path of revenge is that a small act of relief from the other person fails to satisfy his wounded ego, and the person becomes more fixated. He becomes more desperate to inflict greater harm on the perceived wrongdoers, i.e., that child and his friend in this story. The desire for revenge in that so-called high-authority member of the clan took a toll on him. His mind became a battleground of conflicting emotions. He was consumed by the fire of revenge, blurring the lines between rationality and madness. The one clear distinction between right and wrong became muddled, and the thirst for revenge distorted his moral compass. This is where the true danger comes.

You and I can imagine the long-term childhood trauma coming in the way of that kid who’s been witnessing this harrowing journey since the moment he opened his eyes in this world, expecting that ‘empire’ to be his safest place. The instability of one’s mental health and the thirst for revenge on that ten-year-old dreamer, a little cute and rebellious, unravel the intensity of destruction it may cause on his connection to the wider world. Friendships crumble, family bonds fracture, and the pursuit of revenge becomes a toxic echo chamber that reinforces their increasingly distorted worldview.

But even within this grim narrative, there is a glimmer of hope. As with any story of human emotion, there is the potential for change and redemption. For that little child, do not fall into the fleeting trap of taking revenge on your superior, who caused you immense pain. Because the rush of momentary satisfaction that revenge may bring is often replaced by a deeper emptiness and regret, Instead of taking the path of revenge, go for the alternative that you always choose: empathy over enmity, forgiveness over fury. You know it brings solace and peace. You and I know it takes immense strength to rise above the urge for revenge and break free from the cycle of negativity and retribution. Yet, within this narrative of darkness, there lies a beacon of hope. You and I know you can do this. Be the light that channels energies towards healing rather than harming. As the world is full of hate, break the cycle of revenge and safeguard your mental well-being.

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